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Student Activation Code

Student Activation (login) Information

In order to protect the private information of our students, we insist that parents and/or guardians request activation codes only by email.  ( , a subject line of “parent request” would be helpful ) We verify the email address of the requester with the information we have in Power School for that particular student.  We then look up the student’s information and send by return email the activation codes required to create the new account or to add the student to a current account.


In the email it is crucial that you provide the following for each child you need an activation code for.

Your full Name
Child's full Name
Relationship to Child

If the requesters email is not on file, we typically send notification and the information to the email address that is on file.  We then send notification to the requesting email address saying that the email was sent to the email on record.

If the email on record is incorrect then it is the responsibility of the Parent or Guardian to contact the District Registrar to update the online email address.  Our tech support staff is under strict orders not to send activation information to any other email address, other than the one on file.  

If the requester email matches the on file email address we send the activation information out immediately.

The activation code is typically 3 letter and 3 numbers, while the activation password is derived from the students date of birth.

Please do not call the Help Desk or building offices to request information. We do not provide any information over the phone ever.    

For more information regarding power school click here