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Power School Support Page

Power School, Albion’s student information server, allows parents and guardians to check on the grades and status of assignments of their children. It is an immediate look into the gradebook of your child’s teachers, to check for missing assignments, current grades, and grades from previous years.  Never be surprised again by a teacher phone call. Email grading concerns directly to the teacher, ask for help or clarification on assignments.  Just create an account and activate your access to your child’s grades. *note



Too Many E-mails

When selecting the email notification options in Power School avoid requesting
“Detailed report showing all assignment scores for each class” This report comes as a separate email for every class in the student’s schedule. It might generate a dozen or more emails every time the system send out information.  A better solution is to select only the top options “Summary of current grades and attendance” then log directly into power school for detailed information. At Suggested Settings

Upgrade and Availablility Information -

Upgrades are done routinely as they become available from Pearson. The upgrades typically take about an hour to install during which services are unavailable. We try to schedule these upgrades for Wednesday evenings  or early Saturday mornings.  If you get a Power School Unavailable message, typically a “Gateway Time Out Error” simply try back in about an hour. Services should be back up by then.   (Trouble Shooting Page)

Power School Fees -

Power School fees do not tie directly to the Districts point of sales system for the cafeterias, or to our accounting software, as a result there is a delay between a charge or payment being made by a student and the  point in time that the charge or payment appears on Power School.  If at any time you have any questions about the process or the current state of your child’s accounts please do not hesitate to contact your child’s building office.  (District Directory)   

e-mail Notifications -

The email notification system in power school is provided to give you a quick update of your child’s progress. We recommend that you only select “Summary of current grades and attendance”. If more information is desired it is best to log directly into power school to check the current grade information. If a blank appears for a grade it is because there are no grades currently in the system for that marking period for that teacher.  The email version only provides a single marking period’s data.

As always, if you have question or concern about a grade do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher. They can be reached through voice mail or email, see Staff Directory for details.  When using email please include “Parent of …”  in the subject line, this will make it easier for teachers to identify your email if it gets trapped in our spam filter.

Also note that the “Balance alert” does not function because power school and our lunch point of sales system are not integrated at this time.

* note: not all teachers make use of all of the features available through the gradebook, because not all classes are the same. Some teachers provide a great deal of support information, others provide only information directly related to the child’s class grades.  If at any time, you need more information, do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher. They can be reached by email, or via voicemail at their district voicemail box, see the Staff Directory page for contact information.