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Albion Central School Board of Education

Board of Education Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Board of Education?

The Board of Education is an elected body established by the state legislature and is charged with providing schools and educational opportunities for children in the district. The nine Board members are state officials. They live in the school district and are elected to serve overlapping five year terms. The Board of Education is a policy making entity.

What is done at Board meetings?

Meetings of the Board are held to set or amend existing school policies, act upon recommendations of the Superintendent of Schools, legally adopt an operating budget and tax rate for the district, and authorize the spending of money budgeted.

Are meetings open to the public?

Yes. On occasion, closed executive sessions are held for the purpose of discussing matters of personnel, negotiations, or purchase of land, where public discussions could be damaging to an individual or work against the public interest. Yet, no matter what the issue, any action to be taken must be by motion of the Board in public session.

If you are interested in addressing the board of education with concerns or comments during their monthly meeting, please take a form (located by the sign in sheet), fill it out completely and return it to the secretary prior to the meeting. At the beginning of each meeting, a time for public forums is allotted.