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Albion Central School District

Albion Central School District Alert System Registration Instructions

(If you need assistance beyond these instructions, you may contact Cindy Ishmael at 585-589-2056.)

1. Access the Albion Central School District Webpage at

2. Click on "Emergency Notification System" on the left side of the homepage, under "Public Links"

3. Move to the "sign up" area on the right hand side of the Albion ReGroup user page the link takes you to. (Later, you will come to this page and log in at the left hand side of this page as you will already be a member in order to change your contact information or join additional ACS alert groups.)

To sign up, enter your first & last name, your e-mail address, and create a password. Retype both sets of numbers and/or letters below the password box, separating the two sets by a blank space. Click "Join".

Later, you can update your account on the left side with your e-mail and password. (Click "Forgot your password?" if you have forgotten your password for help.)


4. The E-mail/Phone page (sample follows) allows you to edit your preferences for e-mail, voice, text alerts. (Please remember that normal call/text/e-mail rates apply for all alerts.)

The e-mail you registered with is your primary e-mail, but you may add additional e-mail addresses you wish to have receive alerts by typing in the box near the top right corner and clicking the add button.

You may enter multiple phone numbers that are to receive alerts near the bottom of the page. Please note in the drop down if the number is a cell phone or other type and identify with the check box (es) whether you wish to receive voice alerts, text alerts, or both. You may add additional numbers by clicking on the "more" text or to remove a given number by clicking on the "remove" text.

You must check the box indicating you agree to receive messages and click "SAVE" at the bottom of the pages to ensure any data entered or changed on this page is saved.

Congratulations! You are registered for emergency alerts. (An e-mail will be sent to your inbox asking you to confirm that your e-mail address is correct and welcoming you to the system.)


5. Your registration provides that you will receive district emergency alerts (such as "snow day" cancellations) but the Join a Group tab permits you to join specialized groups within the ACS Alert System. We would encourage you to click on this tab and join the groups for the school buildings (elementary, middle, high) that your children attend. You may also wish to join groups for sports or other activities your children are involved in. (Additional groups will likely be created in the future, as group leaders ask for the alert function. They will let you know that you may log in and join their groups.)


6. The Group Notifications tab permits you to see the groups that you have joined and to drop your membership in those groups. (The page will not permit you to drop membership in the emergency alert group.. .this is a default membership that you must belong to in order to join any other group.)


7. Finally, the account tab permits you adjust your account settings and change your password (near the bottom of the screen).


If you need assistance beyond these instructions, you may contact
Cindy Ishmael at 585-589-2056.